Kiha New Year 2021 Bento Package

🎍 Kiha New Year 2021 Bento Package 🎍 Released

"🎍 Kiha New Year 2021 Bento Package 🎍" will be on sale from January 1, 2 and 3.

Itetsu original New Year plan where you can enjoy a lunch 🍱 in the car of the former Japan National Railways type vehicle diesel train 28 (reserved seats).

We wrapped a gorgeous bento box using fish and local vegetables caught at the local Ohara fishing port in a special New Year 's paper .

🎍 Kiha New Year 2021 Lunch Box Package 🎍


【Selling price】

2,800 yen (tax included)


[Date and time]

January 1, 2, 3 2021

<11:37 departure> Otaki station-Ohara station-Otaki station <13:10 arrival>


[Package contents] (Handed over at the site on the day)

・ New Year's lunch

・ Delicious tea in Chiba

・ Isumi Railway original handkerchief

・ Kiha 28 reserved-seat ticket: 2 tickets <(11:37 departure) Otaki Station-Ohara Station / (12:37 departure) Ohara Station-Otaki Station>

* Tickets and express tickets must be purchased separately.

* A letter of invitation will be mailed in advance after application. (If you apply at the Ohara shop, hand it over) Please bring it on the day.


[Application period]

December 25th (Friday) 9: 00-29th (Tuesday) 14:30


[Application place]

・ Isumi Railway Online Store

・ Ohara shop (prepaid)


[Reception on the day]

11: 00-11: 20: In front of Otaki Station (advance reservations only)



* The train may not be able to operate on time due to the disruption of the timetable due to the weather.

* Please enjoy your meal at the reserved seat in the Kiha 28 car.

* Please sit at the seat with the seat number printed on the reserved seat ticket given at the reception.

The seat number is displayed on the window.

* Lunch boxes, tea, and handkerchiefs are available at your seat.

* The restroom is in the car.

* At Ohara Station, the door will be closed for maintenance.

You can enjoy your meal as you board the train, but if you want to get off the train, please get off immediately after arriving at the station and before the door closes.


[Main measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection]

We give top priority to the safety of our customers and take appropriate measures while assessing the status of the new coronavirus infection, aiming for a "sightseeing train" trip that our customers can use safely and with peace of mind.

1. Disinfection inside the car

・ We will clean and disinfect tables and handrails with alcohol when preparing for the day.

2. Seating / designation

・ One or two people per box seat. There is no sharing with customers of other groups.

3. Measures for crew members, staff, etc.

(1) Driver

・ Masks and gloves will be worn during flight. (Excluding emergencies)

(2) Crew (serving) staff

・ Temperature will be measured before the flight, and if there is any doubt about your physical condition, you will be assigned as a substitute.

・ Masks will be worn at all times during serving and patrols in the car.

・ When guiding (when using a microphone), do it at the end of the car and keep a certain distance.


[Cooperation to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection]

・ The staff will measure the temperature at the reception meeting.

If you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, we may ask you to consider canceling your participation.

・ Please refrain from wearing a mask and talking except when eating or drinking, and do not wash your hands or disinfect your fingers.

Thank you for your cooperation in any infectious disease control.

・ Alcohol for hand disinfection will be installed near the entrance and exit of the car.

・ In order to maintain ventilation inside the car, some windows will be opened and the doors will be opened and closed at the station.


【Contact Us】

Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.

Sales Division Miyazato / Saito

TEL. 0470-82-2161

Information / SNS
Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.