People coming by train

Please also refer to the timetable of Tokyo generator cars and the timetable of Isumi Railway.

If you are coming by bus

Highway Bus Katsuura-via Ichihara Tsurumai BT-Tokyo Line

Please check the timetable here.

Kominato Railway Bus

Contact information

Keisei Bus Naganuma Office


Kamogawa Nitto Bus Head Office Sales Office


Kominato Railway Bus Chonan Sales Office


From the bus stop to the nearest station of Isumi Railway

For those coming by car

When coming from Chiba

Tateyama Expressway Ichihara IC ⇒ Ushiku (National Highway 297) ⇒ Otaki

It is approximately 33km from Tateyama Expressway Ichihara IC

When using Aqualine

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line ⇒ Tateyama Expressway IC ⇒ National Route 409 ⇒ Ushiku ⇒ National Route 297 ⇒ Otaki

About 38km from Tateyama Expressway Kisarazu Higashi IC

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line ⇒ Keio Expressway Ichihara Tsurumai IC ⇒ National Route 297 ⇒ Otaki

About 10km from Hara Tsurumai IC on the Ken-O Expressway

There are free parking lots near Ohara Station, Kuniyoshi Station and Kazusa Nakano Station, so please use it.

* Please note that parking is limited.

* We do not accept inquiries about parking lots.

In addition, there is a municipal parking lot (pay) that is a 1-minute walk from dental support Otaki Station.

Click here for usage fees.

Information / SNS
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