About advertising fees

The basic charges for advertising using Isumi Railway are as follows. Please contact us for details.

1 Poster (when posting a poster in the station building)

(Unit: Yen, excluding tax)

* Period: 14 days

* There are 14 stations in total, so if you put one at each station, it will be the total amount.
(Example: If you attach one A2 sheet to every station, it will be 1500 x 2 + 1000 x 12 for 15,000 yen (excluding tax).)

2 Pamphlets, leaflets, etc. (when placed on shelves in the station yard)

(Unit: Yen, excluding tax)

* Within 50 copies per month at one station

3 Hanging advertisement in the train

(Unit: Yen, excluding tax)

4 Special advertisement (standing signboard)

(Unit: Yen, excluding tax)

5 Body advertisement (wrapping vehicle)

(Unit: Yen, excluding tax)

* The design may be examined by our company or a public institution from the viewpoint of landscape.
* Construction costs (working costs, production costs), application costs, and insurance costs are not included. For work / maintenance / removal

All costs are the responsibility of the advertiser. After the posting period ends, restoration to the original state is a condition.
* Operation may be changed or canceled due to troubles such as vehicle breakdowns and accidents, and maintenance.

For application and consultation, please contact Isumi Railway Sales Planning.
* Please note that you may be absent.


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