Recruiting Isumi Railway Branch Managers nationwide

Throughout Japan, the people who love Isumi Railway and who are passionate about revitalizing this local line can receive ideas, ideas, and assistance, create new products, services, and information, and transmit it to society as a whole. We are recruiting 143 branch managers for Isumi Railway.

1. Duties of branch manager

1. Submit ideas and opinions

The branch manager will provide opinions and ideas on sales planning and products.

2. Disseminate information on the appeal of Isumi Railway and the activities of branch managers

For Isumi railway of charm, also relates to activities through this project, to take advantage of the SNS, etc., will be carried out an active and effective information dissemination.

2. Appointment period

One year from July 7 to July 6 of the following year

3. Summit of Isumi Railway Branch Managers nationwide

The Isumi Railway Branch Manager Summit (AIS) is held once a year as a place to report the activities of branch managers from all over Japan and exchange opinions on new projects. (Transportation expenses will be paid by yourself.) The summit will be awarded to the branch managers who have received strong feedback and commercialized ideas.

4. Benefits of branch manager

Membership card iSumica

100 business cards of the branch manager

10 free tickets (5 for weekdays, 5 for Saturdays and holidays)

5. Membership fee

If you are a branch manager, please pay 50,000 yen per year as a membership fee.
Payment method is fund transfer or cash payment at the window.

6. Application requirements

The applicant must be a person who can agree to the "National Isumi Railway Branch Manager System Rules" and meet all of the following requirements.

(1) A person who does not engage in political activities, election activities, religious activities, commercial activities, or similar activities using this system.

(2) Chiba gang exclusion ordinance (March 18, 2011 ordinance No. 4) Gang stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Gang gang members stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 2 and stipulated in Article 3, Item 3 Not be a gangster, etc. or a person who is deemed to have a close relationship with them.

(3) A person who has a telephone number and e-mail address that can contact the secretariat at any time.

7. How to apply

Please fill in the application form below and prepare the necessary documents (copy of license etc.) by mail or submit to E-mail.

8. Application period

From Wednesday, May 1 to Tuesday, June 25

9. Selection method

We will select and appoint your application based on your application.

10. This year's schedule

May 1, 2019


Start recruiting

June 25, 2019


Application deadline

July 7, 2019


Appointment ceremony, distribution of membership cards, etc.

July 7, 2019


Start of system

Around September 2019


1st Nationwide Isumi Railway Branch Summit held

11. Terms of the System

12. Application / Contact

Application destination


Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.

Street address


264 Otaki, Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba 298-0216, Japan



0470 - 82 - 2161



0470 - 82 - 2249

Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.