Chartered train information

■ Application for chartered train

Please apply at least one month before the desired date of use.

■ Flow from application to use

1) Submission of application form (Please submit 6 months to 1 month before the desired date of use.)

Submission email address:

2) Our staff will contact you and confirm the details (we will contact you by email or phone within 5 days.)

3) Schedule confirmation and adjustment by our company

4) In case of cancellation, please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance

5) Payment of usage fee

6) On the day of use

■ Chartered course (required time about 150 minutes)

Otaki → Ohara → Otaki → Kazusa Nakano → Otaki

Otaki → Kazusa Nakano → Otaki → Ohara → Otaki

■ Price plan (for 1 car) * The same amount will be applied even if only some sections are reserved.

(Excluding tax)

(Excluding tax)

■ Option

1) About meals

  • Please choose from 5 types of lunch boxes and 2 types of drinks listed in the application form and fill in the application form.

* If you want to eat or drink with Isumi 350, it is convenient to have a special table (5,000 yen plus tax).

* You can bring your own food and drink.

  • Garbage or get take-away, We separated at an additional cost (garbage bags one 200 yen (including disposal fee)), we will be Lisa Hikito at our company.


2) About the dedicated table (Isumi 350 type only)

  • Isumi-350 form (long sheet-type vehicle) is, you can install a dedicated table of 10 legs (each side 5 leg).

  • Usage fee: 5,000 yen for up to 10 legs (excluding tax)


3) About 100V power supply (excluding Kiha 52)

  • You can use up to 200w.

  • Usage fee: 1,000 yen (excluding tax)


4) About garbage in the car

  • Please take your trash home with you in principle

  • If you request us to dispose of it, we will sort it in a garbage bag (200 yen (excluding tax) per sheet including disposal fee) and dispose of it .


■ About the use of wheelchairs

  • For wheelchair users, our staff will support you with a slope board.

* Please fill in the application form.

■ Payment of usage fee

Please transfer to the designated bank account at least one week before the date of use.

* The transfer fee will be borne by the user.

千葉銀行 大多喜支店(246) 普通預金 口座番号2123552

口座名義 イスミテツドウ(カ)

■ Cancellation

70% of the estimated price from 3 days to 2 days before the date of use

100% of the estimated price on the day before and on the day of use

■ Response to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes

In the following cases, you can cancel the chartered train without paying the cancellation fee before the start of the trip.

Discontinuation of transportation of passengers, in the case where other reasons instruction public office occurs, safe and smooth implementation of the travel becomes non possible or impossible to become when danger is very large.

■ Inquiries

Email address:

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Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.