Various Ise Prawn Express Italian Courses

Due to the issuance of the state of emergency and the request from each local government, the sale and reservation of lunch boxes will be canceled for the time being from Saturday, January 9, 2021 in order to suspend the Ohara shop. I will do it.

We will inform you about the resumption.

Inside the "Showa Diesel Car Kiha 28" or in an alternative vehicle, using the materials of the outer bunch such as spiny lobster and abalone by Chef Ikeda of Mobara's Italian restaurant "Peche Azzurro ~ Blue Fish ~" It is a "restaurant train" where you can enjoy an authentic Italian lunch with your skills. It is a "restaurant train" plan where you can enjoy the regular "Italian course" in odd months and the "Japanese-style creative Italian" that is perfect for eating with chopsticks in even months. Both courses use Boso ingredients such as seafood such as spiny lobster!

Ise Shrimp Express Italian (odd month course)


Italian course menu (The picture is an image. Ingredients may change depending on the season.)

Ise lobster limited express, Italian with chopsticks (even months course)


Chopsticks DE Italian menu (The photo is an image. Ingredients may change depending on the season)


An Italian lunch meal (with Isumi Railway souvenirs) and a one-day free ticket are provided as a set. Dental Support Take the flight departing from Otaki Station at 11:37 and enjoy lunch in the restaurant.

Schedule (driving time)

(Departure time) Dental support Otaki station 11:37
(Time required) Approximately 2 hours (until arrival at Kazusa-Nakano Station)
* Please come to Otaki Station by the meeting time from 11:00 to 11:20.
* Please ask the station window or receptionist for the name of the representative. We will give you a reserved seat ticket for the restaurant train.
* On the way, there is a stop time of about 10 minutes at Ohara Station, Kuniyoshi Station, Dental Support Otaki Station, and Kazusa-Nakano Station. If you leave the train for a photo shoot or restroom, please be careful about the departure time.
* After the dissolution, you can freely board the "Isumi Railway" with a one-day free ticket.


From Otaki per person

16,000 yen (Internet price)

Reservation method / implementation date

Please apply from the JTB reservation site below.

You can also check the implementation date and availability on the reservation site.

■ About charges

* Eligibility: Elementary school students and above (preschoolers cannot participate or accompany)

* The same amount for elementary school students and above.

[Included in the price]

  1. Isumi Railway 1-day ticket with express ticket

  2. Italian lunch meal fee

  3. Welcome drink (sparkling wine), main drink (red / white wine), soft drink (orange juice, oolong tea, carbonated water)

  4. Souvenir

  5. consumption tax

■About "Italian Course" and "Chopsticks DE Italian"

  • It is a plan to have an Italian lunch for adults

  • Seats are basically seated for 2 people (if you apply for an odd number, it may be a shared seat)

  • There are BOX seats and long seats, but seats cannot be specified

  • Drinks include welcome drinks, red and white wine and orange juice, oolong tea, and carbonated water. (Other drinks will be sold onboard in the car)

  • Qualification: Elementary school students and above (preschoolers cannot participate or be accompanied)

  • Children above elementary school age will be charged the same amount as adults and the menu will be the same (please inform us that you are accompanied by elementary school students in advance)

  • We cannot arrange special food such as healthy food and religious food on the menu.

  • Even if you can not operate the train on time due to disorder of the schedule etc., if you provide meals, we will not refund the meal price

  • The posted menu is an image. It may change depending on the ingredients of the day.

※ Other precautions

  • The second sightseeing express train (Kiha 28) will be operated as a charter exclusively for customers who participate in the plan as "Restaurant Kiha".

  • You cannot board with a regular ticket or express ticket.

  • The price can only be paid on the WEB page or by phone.

  • Please read the contents on the WEB page or read the information by phone before applying.

  • Reservations and sales will be until 15:00, 3 days before the departure date. Subsequent reservations and passengers who have not made a reservation cannot board on the day .

  • The WEB reservation screen will be displayed when the reservation start date and time are reached.

  • If you change or cancel your application after applying for the following dates, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

From 3 days to 2 days before the boarding date ... 50% of the product price
Cancellation on the day before, cancellation without contact, non-participation …… 100% of the product price


■ Long seat

■ BOX sheet

We have BOX seats and long seats, but we do not accept requests for seats. Seats will be announced on the day of the event.

* All contents except seats will be the same.

Information / SNS
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