Lunch box

Due to the issuance of the state of emergency and the request from each local government, the sale and reservation of lunch boxes will be canceled for the time being from Saturday, January 9, 2021 in order to suspend the Ohara shop. I will do it.

We will inform you about the resumption.

Isumi Railway sells each station lunch on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

The inventory sold on the day is hardly secured by convenience.

How to make a reservation

Phone number


0470 - 86 - 3535




Reception hours


From 9:00 to 16:00 [regular holiday, Tuesday]

Reception period


From 10 days ago until 14:00 on Thursday of the week

Receiving lunch


Ohara Station stand (10: 00-14: 00)

* Please contact us if you change the pick-up time.
* We will not be able to sell after the specified time.
* Reservation deadlines and regular holidays may be changed during some periods such as the year-end and New Year holidays
* Please note that sales may be suspended for a certain period due to the manufacturer's circumstances.

※※ Cancellation due to customer's convenience after ordering will incur a cancellation fee ※※


■ Isumi's Jewelry Box Lunch   1,300 JPY


It is a jewel box-like lunch packed with plenty of Isumi's ingredients. All abundant side dishes can be the main characters. It's also satisfying to eat and you can enjoy various tastes, so I'm sure you will be satisfied.
* The tea pictured is an image. Not included.

Canceled in summer (until September 30)

■ Fisherman's Brunch Lunch   1,000 JPY


Horse mackerel "san baked" Soboro rice, mackerel miso, squid rings and other seafood-based lunches. Especially recommended for fish lovers. It is delicious as it is, you can also add it to your choice, and it is a delicious lunch once.
* The tea in the photo is an image. Not included.

■ Tadakatsu bento   1,000 JPY


It is a large lunch box with a large tonkatsu that occupies more than half of the contents of the lunch box and delicious boiled dishes. The name was borrowed from Tadakatsu Honda, the owner of Otaki Castle.

■ Isumi's pork bowl   850 JPY

いすみの豚丼 最終版.jpeg

A cute pork bowl lunch box that can be eaten on your lap so that you can easily eat it during a train or while waiting. In addition, we are particular about local production for local consumption, and compatibility with local Isumi rice is outstanding.

■ Chicken miso cutlet lunch   750 JPY


The miso cutlet occupies more than half the size of the lunch box and the price is even more affordable. The boiled foods are accompanied by seasonal vegetables, and the lineup is good enough to serve the taste of the atmosphere along the Isumi Railway.




Sales location


Isumi Railway Ohara Station Shop

Release date


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays



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