To the media

About application for coverage and photography

■ Application for coverage


As a general rule, adjustments on the requested day cannot be made. As a general rule, it is only available on weekdays.

Since the normal work of the interviewee is prioritized, we may not be able to meet your request.

It is not possible to connect the telephone directly to the interviewee.



For text media such as newspaper articles, please check with the interviewee in advance.

We ask that you check the text of the article in advance.

In the case of video coverage such as recording, we will limit it to the relevant project only. If you wish to reuse it in another project

Sorry to trouble you, but please let us know in advance by e-mail ( ) about the program to be broadcast.

Please provide one copy of the publication paper, magazine, etc. to us after publication.

In the case of TV broadcasting, please provide it as a data file.

When posting on the homepage etc., please send a capture of the screen of the corresponding page or the URL.

■ Flow from application to use

1) Submission of shooting / application (Please submit at least one month before the shooting date)

Submission email address:

2) Our staff will contact you and confirm the details (we will contact you by email or phone within 5 days.)

3) Examination by our company

4) Coordination with our staff

5) On the day of shooting: Visiting the Otaki head office and shooting

■ Price plan

Chartered train usage fee

(Excluding tax)

(Excluding tax)

■ Inquiries

Email address:

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