Railway and station names

Isumi Railway is widely known as the "Rape that coexists with nature in satoyama as a rape blossom railway" and the "Eco-friendly railway that uses biodiesel fuel for the first time in Japan." The image of the railway itself as our company will lead to the enhancement of the corporate image of companies who submit as naming rights, and we will widely recruit naming rights for railway names and station names to secure a new stable revenue source. We look forward to your application.

1. Application conditions

A corporation with company registration for at least one year

2. Offer details and sales amount

Railway name naming right 30 million yen / year Contract period at least 5 years

Station name naming rights Minimum contract period of 3 years


3. Application period

We are always recruiting. Please contact Isumi Railway for details.

4. Naming rights

1. Railway name

① In-car broadcasting

Example) Thank you for using "XX Isumi Railway" today.

② Change of company name notation on various printed materials and website (timetable, etc.)

Example) "Isumi Railway" from "Isumi Railway"

③ Various signs

The various signage notations owned by Isumi Railway are "XX Isumi Railway"

④ National timetable

Listed on "○○ Isumi Railway" in timetables nationwide

2. Station name


① In-car broadcasting

Example) Next is "△△ Otaki Station △△ Otaki Station"

② The station name notation

Example) Notation above or at the beginning of the current station name

③ Change of station name notation on various printed materials and website

Example) "Kuniyoshi Station" from "△△ Kuniyoshi Station" notation

④ Various signs

Various signboards are displayed at △△ Kuniyoshi Station

⑤ Publication of "△△ Kuniyoshi Station" in the timetable published nationwide

(However, if the name is long, it may be shortened or annotated depending on the judgment of the timetable company)

5. Benefits

① SP (sales promotion) right at stations and railways

② Provision of advertisements and exhibition spaces at stations and railways

③ Right to sponsor railway-sponsored events

④ Train free ticket service

⑤ Renewal priority negotiation right

6. Cost burden

Expenses for in-vehicle information broadcasting, in-vehicle information display, station name signage creation, installation, renovation, removal and restoration of the current situation shall be borne by the naming rights contractor in principle. The scope of the work was decided upon consultation at the time of contract.

7. Documents to submit at the time of application

① Isumi Railway Railway name, station name naming rights application form

② Station entry certificate: Registered copy and seal certificate

③ Company profile and last three months financial report

Certificate of no municipal tax (corporate tax) delinquency

8. Selection method

The selection committee decides whether or not the railway and station names are appropriate and decides

9. Display start time

In principle, from April 1 to the contract year. However, if you apply in the middle of the term, you will be able to apply from March 1 to March 31.)

10. How to apply

Please attach the documents to be submitted separately and apply

Zip code



〒298 - 0216

264 Otaki, Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba

For Isumi Railway Co., Ltd. Naming Rights Section

(Please contact us by phone before applying.)

11. Contact Information

Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.




0470 - 82 - 2161

0470 - 82 - 2249

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