Hand ticket / admission ticket

■ Bicycle and baggage handbags

Issued when you bring your bicycle in the car. Pets can also be boarded in their own cages.

Expiration date


Sales place

Valid only once on the day

210 yen

Otaki Station (window)
Ohara Station (Shop)
Inside the train (crew)

* A ticket is issued when you bring your bicycle as it is.
* It is also necessary to put your pet in a special cage when riding.
* Not required when folding a bicycle and putting it in a storage case for riding.
* Pets cannot be used if any part of the body goes out of the case.
* You may not be able to ride a bicycle when you are commuting to work or during busy periods.

■ Admission ticket

The following station entrance fees will be charged from January 15, 2019.

When entering the station premises of Otaki Station or Ohara Station , please purchase an entrance ticket.
* If you have a valid ticket on the day, you can enter without an admission ticket.

Isumi Railway also sells hard ticket admission tickets.
How about a quaint hard-ticket admission ticket as a souvenir or a souvenir memorial?


Sales place

Adult 170 yen

Children 90 yen

Otaki Station (window, ticket vending machine)
Ohara Station (Shops, Ticket Vending Machines)

* Otaki, Ohara, and Kuniyoshi stations are sold with hard ticket admission tickets.
* All the above hard ticket admission tickets are sold at Otaki Station. (6 types including large and small)
* Kuniyoshi Station admission tickets are currently only available at Otaki Station windows.
* You cannot get on the train with this ticket.

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