privacy policy

Isumi Railway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company") keeps personal information of customers in providing various services. We are committed to protecting your personal information and providing you with more confidence and peace of mind. We comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information and realize the appropriate handling of personal information

1. Acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information properly without using false or other illegal means.

2. Use of personal information

We use personal information to the extent necessary for the following purposes. Use personal information for purposes not specified below

In this case, we will do so after obtaining your consent in advance.

1. Answers to inquiries and consultations and sending materials

2. Shipment of ordered products

3. Personal information necessary for the travel business based on the Travel Business Law. In this case, notices in the travel business (pamphlets, web pages, etc.)

Will be managed and used based on the personal information protection policy at

When using customer's personal information, we will use it only for the purpose of use and will not use it beyond the purpose.

3. About security management of personal information

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information we handle, and to manage the security of personal information.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified by laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law.

5. Exceptions to disclosure

  • When the disclosure of customer's personal information is requested by an organization based on law (court, police, public prosecutor's office, bar association, or equivalent)

  • When there is an urgent need to protect human life, body and property

  • When it can be clearly determined that the customer has acted disadvantageously to a third party

  • To protect our authority or property

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