SNS Terms of Service

SNS Terms of Use


About these Terms of Use
The official social media accounts operated by Isumi Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") are set up as a place for communication between the Company and users. In order to provide a better environment for users, the following terms of use have been established.


The Official Social Media Accounts are operated by the Bank under the auspices of an external company such as Facebook.

Article 1 Purpose of Use
The Company uses the Official Account for the purpose of transmitting information from the Company to the Users (as defined in Article 4).


Article 2 Scope of application and changes to these Terms
These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Company and the User (as defined in Article 4) in relation to the provision and use of the Official Account.
We may amend these Terms and Conditions without the prior consent of the User. These Terms and Conditions as amended shall be posted on the Bank's website, and shall become effective after posting.


Article 3 Use of Official Accounts and Period of Operation
Users shall use their Official Accounts in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
The Company reserves the right to change or terminate the contents of the Official Account without prior notice to Users. We do not guarantee that we will update your Official Account in its entirety. (Contributions, comments, etc. to an Official Account shall be considered as public information.


Article 4 Users
A "user" is defined as a person who has browsed and used the Official Account.
By using an official account, users are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.


Article 5 Access to Basic Information
We will have access to the information that is available to all users in their social network settings, such as their name and profile picture. If you continue to use your official account, you will be deemed to have agreed to the privacy policy described below.


Article 6 Prohibited acts
The following actions are prohibited on the Official Accounts. In addition, we may delete or otherwise deal with any postings or comments that fall under such prohibited activities without notice. We may also block the account of the user in question. In such cases, the user in question will not be notified.

  1. Actions that interfere with the operation of the Official Account or that may interfere with the Official Account.

  2. Any action that causes or may cause inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to other users, third parties or the Company

  3. Any action that infringes or may infringe on the trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights, privacy or other rights of other users, third parties or the Company

  4. Activities that are prohibited by each SNS operator

  5. Any action that is against the purpose of the Service or not related to the purpose of the Official Account.

  6. Identifying, disclosing or divulging personal information without the consent of the individual

  7. Defamation or defamation of a specific person or group

  8. Acts that are or may be contrary to laws and regulations or public order and morals

  9. Acts that constitute indecent expression

  10. Acts that are or may lead to criminal acts

  11. Political, electoral, religious or similar activities

  12. Spoofing the identity of a third party, including the Company.

  13. Any other act that the Company deems inappropriate.


In the event that the Company suffers any damage as a result of the user's actions, the Company shall be entitled to demand compensation from the user for the damage.
In the event that a user causes damage to a third party by using an Official Account, the user shall be responsible for resolving the issue at his or her own expense.


Article 7 Intellectual property rights
The copyrights and all other intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and know-how) to the information displayed on the Official Accounts belong to the Company or to the right holders, such as the copyright holders.
With respect to the content posted to an Official Account, users grant the Company a non-exclusive, worldwide right to use (including processing, excerpting, reproduction, publication, translation, etc.) said content free of charge, and the Company shall not be liable for any intellectual property rights, including copyright and moral rights, related to said content to the Company. The user shall not exercise the right to use any of the information provided through the Official Account without the permission of the right holder.
Users are not allowed to use any information provided through the Official Account without the consent of the right holder, beyond the scope of the copyright law, such as the private copying of the user's personal information, which is allowed by the copyright law. Any use of the information for commercial purposes is prohibited.
In the event of a dispute with the right holder or a third party in violation of the provisions of this article, the user shall resolve the dispute at his or her own responsibility and expense.


Article 8 Disclaimers
The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, or any other aspect of the content and information provided on the website (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Content, etc."). The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the use of the Content, etc.
The Company reserves the right to change or discontinue the structure, terms and conditions of use, URL, content, etc. of the website without notice.
The Company may suspend or discontinue operation of the Website without notice.
The Company does not respond to all comments and inquiries from users on this page.


Article 9: Purpose of Use of Personal Information and Privacy Policy
We will use the personal information of users to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes, except when required by law.

  • To analyze the information we send out for the improvement of this service

  • Exercising your rights or obligations under this Agreement, such as monitoring or deleting information that conflicts with the prohibitions under this Agreement.

  • Other purposes of use as specified in our Privacy Policy, which is established by JBIC in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and our policy on the appropriate protection and use of personal information

Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" section of our website for more information about our privacy policy.

Article 10 Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction
The use of this Website and the interpretation, application and operation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Chiba District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over any and all disputes related to this website.

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