Due to the issuance of the state of emergency and the request from each local government, the express trains Kiha 52 and Kiha 28 will be suspended from Saturday, January 9, 2021 for the time being.

We will inform you about the resumption.

Isumi Railway operates the Kiha 52 and Kiha 28 JNR railcars. It operates as an express train on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Information on express trains [Kiha 52, Kiha 28]

Isumi Railway Express Train

(Former JNR type vehicles Kiha 52, Kiha 28)

An express fare is required in addition to the fare.
Express ticket 300 yen

All express trains have unreserved seats, but when the restaurant train is operating, Kiha 28 is reserved for restaurant train users and cannot be used by ordinary people.

Kiha 28 has 48 box seats, but with a special table for restaurant trains, it will have 24 seats. In addition, there is a long seat seat.

Only the section between Ohara and Otaki is treated as express.
The section between Otaki and Kazusa Nakano is treated as a stop at each station, so no express fare is required.

Basically, the head mark is “Isumi” on Saturday, “Sotobou” on Sunday, and “No head mark” on holidays.

* In case of rain, the head mark is changed randomly.
* Others may not always follow the above.
* We do not respond to inquiries by phone etc. regarding the type of head mark.

Driving day


Saturday / Sunday / Holiday



Train number


No. 100 or later (101D to 104D are Kiha vehicles)

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