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■ Chartered train fare

■ Chartered train fare

Sightseeing information along the line

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~ Yukemuri and Bamboo Shoot Village which flourished as a castle town since the Warring States period ~

Otaki-cho is located almost in the center of the Boso Peninsula, and has been developed as a castle town, with the Sengoku daimyo who are fighting for hegemony being assigned to the county. Although it is not the only one facing the sea in the Minamiboso area, there are unique ways to enjoy Satoyama, such as Yoro Valley with beautiful autumn leaves, Yoro Onsen where you can enjoy brown black water, and bamboo shoot digging. The headquarters of Isumi Railway is also located in the town (dental support Otaki Station).

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-Meet the rich nature of Satoumi and Satoyama, and follow the footsteps of Boso's master craftsmen-

Isumi City boasts abundant landings, such as "Sotobo lobster" and "Madako from Taito and Ohara", which are certified as Chiba brand seafood. If you take the Isumi Railway and leave the rich sea and head west, you will encounter the sculpture of Boso's masterpiece "Nami no Ipachi", which gives dignity to the ancient temple that has gathered the leisurely landscape of satoyama and religion.

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Ihameshi map of the waves ( Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 )


-Beautiful ria coast and playable beach, fresh seafood and B-class gourmet are popular-

Katsuura boasts one of the best catches of skipjack in Japan. The morning market, which began as a bartering ground for fresh seafood and richly grown agricultural products, has been a local treasure that has been in existence for more than 400 years. In recent years, attention has been focused on the big doll festival, where the huge dolls are the highlight, and the tantanmen, loved by fishermen.

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Katsuura walk map ( front / back )


~ Taste the exquisite lobster and why not walk through the moon desert ~

Onjuku-cho has a wide and beautiful Onjuku beach that was modeled on the nursery rhyme "Desert of the Moon". There are also few municipal pools in the area, which attract many leisure guests in summer. There are plenty of seafood such as lobster, abalone, azusa, and sea bream, and it is recommended to taste freshly caught seafood. With a tropical mood, the relaxed atmosphere is a pleasant town.

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≪Reference: Chiba sightseeing information≫

Secondary traffic information

Hunting bus

[Operating days: Sundays and holidays * Sightseeing season: weekdays and Saturdays (limited to dates)]
From Kazusa-Nakano Station, a temporary bus runs to Yoro Valley (Awamata Falls area). Please use it casually for sightseeing in Yoro Valley.

* Click here for the timetable

Taxi packed with satoyama

A sightseeing taxi recommended for those who want to travel efficiently in the Otaki and Yoro Valley areas has debuted. Please take advantage of it when sightseeing along the railway.

* For use and inquiries, please contact Otaki Taxi.

Bicycle rental

Station used

Lending window

Otaki Station

Otaki Town Tourism Honjin

Tel 0470-80-1146

Kuniyoshi Station Up Platform
(Isumi Railway Cheering Team Stand)

Kuniyoshi Station

Ohara Station

Isumi City Tourist Center
Tel 0470-64-1111

Utilization time

usage fee

9: 00-17: 00
* 16: 00 from December to February

Regular bicycle 300 yen / 1 day Electric assist bicycle 500 yen / 1 day

* If you have a 1-day free ticket, 100 yen discount on the ticket valid day


10: 00-15: 00
* Only on weekends and holidays

8: 30-15: 30

Normal bicycle 100 yen / time Electric assist bicycle 500 yen / time

* For details such as regular holidays, please check the website of each organization.

Other buses

Buses from Kazusa-Nakano Station to Yoro Valley and Otaki Station (and surrounding areas) to Katsuura Station, Mobara Station, Kazusa-Ushiku Station are available.

* Kominato Railway Bus HP

At Ohara Station and Kuniyoshi Station, a circulation bus in Isumi City is available.
Also, you can use the Isumi shuttle bus from Kazusa Nakagawa Station and Kuniyoshi Station to Mobara Station.
Isumi City HP

Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.